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Software Engineer, Image Processing, Python

The world is facing a medical crisis because bacteria are increasingly evolving resistance to even our strongest antibiotics. The problem is already very real and immediate; the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reports that one in three patients who die in a hospital have sepsis and that it affects more than 30 million people worldwide every year. New methods of detecting and characterizing these infections and rapidly guiding treatment are vitally needed, worldwide. Specific Diagnostics has developed a powerful, low-cost, novel technology that combines the identification of bacterial infection with the determination of the most effective antibiotic to treat it, enabling results that currently take days in just life-saving hours.

This is the job for you if you want to be where your ideas will be central to world-changing and lifesaving products. We offer an opportunity to join us at an inflection point in our commercial growth, with our first commercial product being released and new recognition from major international government agencies fueling an expansion of our staff.

Image processing and algorithm development are at the core of our company, and we are seeking exceptional talent to join our team. You will be a key contributor and critical to the success of the company. Key tasks you are expected to contribute to are:

  • Develop and implement image processing algorithms to convert raw sensor signals into colorimetric time series data with the highest signal integrity.

  • Develop and implement vision-based quality control tools to be deployed at manufacturing.

  • Develop tools to analyze and visualize the high-volume, high-dimensional data to find interesting trends and correlations.

  • Own and maintain the image processing and data analysis software stack.

The challenges will be diverse as will be analytical and clinical studies. We are looking for a talented engineer that will assist in building cutting-edge tools and methods for the analysis of the sensor data.

High-level qualifications for the successful applicant are:

  • A proven track record of successfully developing, validating and deploying re-usable algorithm and image processing-based solutions to challenging real-world applications, ideally but not necessarily in the field of medical diagnostics

  • Familiarity with a broad range of image processing and machine-learning paradigms

  • Familiarity with data analysis and visualization tools.

  • Comfortable working with high-volume data sets and experience with distributed computing environments

  • Enjoyment of new challenges, learning new things rather than a narrow routine of the same project, same meeting, and same action item

  • The capability of adapting to the situation rather than relying on a fixed set of skills

  • Ability to judge and balance innovative vs. practical methods to achieve problem resolution.

Creating new-to-the-world, impactful products, requires passion, smarts, persistence, and hard work. You should be able to solve difficult problems and get big things done. We are adding only the most exceptional talent to our outstanding team of engineers and scientists. You should have a track record of success in your education and projects and have these characteristics and skills:

  • A master’s degree in Computer Sciences, Electrical engineering, Bioinformatics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computational Biology or related field and at least 3 years of interesting relevant experience. We understand it is not how many years but how much was done each year. Experience working in a fast-paced and constantly changing start-up environment is a big plus.

  • Experience with image processing methods, algorithms, and some familiarity with ML

  • Expert proficiency in Python is a must

  • Experience in writing C/C++ kernels whenever required for speed-up is a plus

  • Additional knowledge in the field of high-performance computing and distributed computing is a plus

  • Proven track record of independent thinking & innovative approaches to problem-solving.

  • Proficiency in SQL, as well as NoSQL database technologies, is a plus

  • Experience in the development of medical devices, including evaluation of their diagnostic accuracy, is a plus.

  • Ability to deliver informative and innovative data visualizations (bring some if you’ve got them), or a keen interest in data visualization.

  • Full fluency (verbal and written) of the English language is a must.

If you believe you can bring outstanding capabilities to the important challenge we outline, we want to meet you. As we are about to launch our commercial instrument, the chance for you to participate in real value creation as an option holder is clear, while the product we are delivering changes medicine for the good and saves people’s lives. We work hard, work together, respect each other. This is a great place to work and a great time to join us.