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Sr. Scientist Chemist

The Company

The world is facing a medical crisis, bacteria are increasingly evolving resistance to even our strongest antibiotics. The problem is already very real and immediate; for example, bloodstream infection leading to sepsis is now responsible for more than half of all deaths in hospitals and is the most expensive condition treated in hospitals. Sepsis mortality rate increases >6% every hour without effective antibiotic treatment. Yet, despite the life and death urgency, and healthcare cost impacts, current methodologies require 3 days to determine the correct antibiotic.

Specific Diagnostics has developed a breakthrough solution to rapidly determine the effective antibiotic treatment for bloodstream and other acute infections. Used for bloodstream infection Specific’s solution provides results 2 days sooner (1 day vs 3 days).

We have been funded by nearly $30 M in non-dilutive government-sponsored research support and recently $17.5 M in venture capital. This is an opportunity to join us at an inflection point in our commercial growth as we bring our first key product to market and with recognition from major customers fueling an expansion of our staff.

The Job

We are seeking to add a senior member to our strong team of chemists. This is a senior role; key responsibilities include: leading R&D of chemical sensor development, successful transfer from engineering to manufacturing, guiding scientists in their development and project management. This is not the job for a manager-only type, you will also be hands on contributing to our most challenging developments. It is critical to communicate and collaborate with colleagues in our microbiology and data science groups to assure the sensor is making the most of the biology and that the data produced is ready for analytical analysis. Designs must prove ready for high volume, high yield, low cost manufacturing, design for manufacturability and ability to work with manufacturing teams is a critical aspect of this job.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Lead Chemistry R&D projects.
  • Investigates problems with production batches of chemical colorimetric sensors as needed.
  • Participate in sensor manufacturing improvement projects.
  • Provides full technical reports outlining any technical concerns and/or recommendations for sensor manufacturing.
  • Collaborate with team leads in microbiology, engineering, and software.
  • Read, analyze, and interpret common scientific and technical journals, scientific procedures, and regulatory guidelines.

Required Experience

  • PhD in chemistry or material science with +5 years of industry experience in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, or formulations.
  • History of essential people management skills.
  • Extensive experience in and understanding of reaction mechanisms.
  • Background in printing and ink formulation is a plus.
  • Expert in project management and product development with excellent written and oral communication skills with both team members and non-technical business/research partners.
  • Knowledge of Six Sigma and DOE.
  • Excellent chemical hygiene, experience working with hazardous materials.
  • Knowledge of routine testing procedures and common laboratory practices.
  • Ability to manage a broad range of projects.
  • Self-motivated, HIGHLY organized, and flexible.
  • Full English fluency required.
  • Proactive, innovative, highly organized, and calm under pressure approach.
  • Ready for fast-paced biotech start-up

Company location: San Jose, CA

Job Type: Full-time

Applicants must have U.S. employment authorization. The company will not sponsor applicants for U.S. work visas.